Jul 082010

Pos Malaysia Berhad has started the new post tariffs charges effective 1 July 2010. The post office charges for standard mail which weight up to 20g will be Rm 0.60 which is 100% increasing postage rates from the previous charges (RM 0.30). Therefore, please remember to put a RM0.60 stamp on your standard mail instead of regular 3o sen stamp. The cheapest post charges for Post Malaysia is post card, the rates is 30 sen while for non-standard mail which weight up to 50g, the postage rate is RM0.80.

Pos Malaysia

Post Malaysia New Domestic Post Charges Effective 1 July 2010

Category Weight Postage rate (RM)
Standard Mail Up to 20g 0.60
Above 20g − 50g 0.70
Non-Standard Mail *** Up to 50g 0.80
Above 50g − 100g 0.90
Above 100g − 250g 1.00
Above 250g − 500g 2.00
Above 500g − 1kg 3.50
Above 1kg − 2kg 5.50
Postcard 0.30
Periodical Up to 20g 0.50
Above 20g − 50g 0.60
Above 50g − 100g 0.80
Above 100g − 250g 0.90
PosDokumen * Up to 500g 1.80
Above 500g − 1kg 3.00
Above 1kg − 2kg 4.50
Small Packet * Up to 1kg 4.00
Above 1kg − 2kg 5.50
Parcel ** Up to 2kg 7.00
Every 1kg thereafter up to 30kg 1.50

Important Notes for Domestic Postal Tariff:
– For delivery of items over 500g via air transport between Penisular Malaysia and Sabah/Sarawak, an additional air transport fee of RM1.50 will be imposed for each additional 500g.
– For parcels delivered by air between Penisular Malaysia and Sabah/Sarawak, an additional air transport free of RM1.50 will be charged for every 500g or part thereof up to 30KG.

Post Malaysia New PosDaftar Fee Details Description

1) For Domestic Pos Daftar tariff, the total postage charges is RM 2.20 ( Registration fee (RM 1.60) and posting fee less than 20g (RM 0.60) )
2) For International Pos Daftar tariff, the postage charges is RM 4.10 includes registration fee (RM 1.60) and delivery (RM 2.50) but does not include posting fee based on destination and weight.
3) For PosDaftar Envelope (Domestic), the charges is RM 2.50 (Registration fee and posting fee less than 50gm ). The thickness of envelope should not more than 3.0mm.

NOTE: Posting fees for PosDaftar items are subject to size and weight only.

For more details, please refer to Pos Malaysia Berhad website.

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