Jul 102010

We had talked about the new Pos Malaysia Rates before and I believe most of you know about the new postal tariff of Pos Malaysia Berhad. However, do you know what is the Pos Malaysia Opening Hours and its Operating Days?

For your info, Pos Malaysia Berhad is the sole provider of mail services in Malaysia and there are more than 692 Post Offices and over 355 Mini Post Offices in Malaysia.

Pos Malaysia Logo

Malaysia Post Office Opening Hours

All Pos Malaysia branches have standardized operating hours which is from 8.30am until 5.00pm.

For 3 states which are Kedah, Terengganu and Kelantan, their Post office operates from Sunday until Thursday and will close every Friday and first week of Saturday only. For the rest of Malaysia states, the operating days are from Monday until Saturday and will be closed every Sunday and First week of Saturday only.

Pos Malaysia Opening Hours

I hope people will be able to plan their schedule based on Pos Malaysia Operating Hours before going to Post Office Malaysia to process their mailing or pay bills.

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  1. Nowadays there are post offices in departmental stores n hypermarkets which I think is a brilliant idea for Pos Malaysia to reach out. Very convenient indeed and longer operating hours.

  2. @LionGirl: You’re right, these mini post offices in departmental stores are really convenient to those working people.

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