Jun 282010

The Vuvuzela is a plastic blowing horn that produces loud sound during 2010 World Cup Championship. Although South Africa Football team had been eliminated from 2010 World Cup, we can still hearing this unique blowing sound through YouTube.

Vuvuzela On Youtube

According to YouTube spokeswoman, Vuvuzela button had been added to the Youtube video in the spirit of the World Cup. Some of the Youtube videos have a Vuvuzela button which shaped like a soccer ball on the taskbar of the video. Please see the below image to find the Vuvuzela button.

Activate Vuvuzela on Youtube

Some people has commented that Vuvuzela sound is annoying and noisy which caused the health problems to the ears. The Vuvuzela is a real danger to noise-induced hearing loss because it produces notes approximately 113dB(A) which can put spectators at a significant risk of hearing loss.

If you misses Vuvuzela sound very much, now it’s your chance to turn on Youtube Vuvuzela button and enjoy the blowing horn. For me, I’m sorry to say that I’m not a fan of Vuvuzela and I will not turn on the Vuvuzela button to watch video. There are not all Youtube videos has Vuvuzela button installed. Most of the Vuvuzela button will be installed on Sports video
especially football videos. Enjoy the Vuvuzela Sound.

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