May 142011

I believe you have heard a lot about Angry Birds iPhone/Android games that drive everyone crazy and additive to it especially after you have watched the 3D animated Angry Birds Rio movie.

Great news to all Angry Birds fans who have been eagerly to play the online Angry Birds game. Yes, now you can play Angry Birds on any home PC with or without Internet connection and the best thing is you are needless to install any program into your PC hard disk. The only requirement is to have Google Chrome browser installed on your PC.

chrome angry birds

If you don’t want to install Google Chrome browser for whatever reasons, then please scroll to the last part to find out the ways to play Angry Birds on other browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer.

How to Install and play Angry Birds games on Chrome browser?

1)      Make sure you have installed Google Chrome browser because you’ll need it to install Angry Birds games. You can download Google Chrome here.

2)      A Google Sign-In account which I believe most of us have (Gmail account ID). If you do not own any Google account, simply register a Gmail account to be able install the games.

3)      Browse to Chrome Web Store and you will see a large collection of apps and extensions which are supported by Chrome browser. You can search the store from the right search bar or direct access to Angry Birds Chrome Installation page. Then click Install button to start the installation.

chrome web store

install angry birds from chrome webstore

4)      Once installed, click to open new Chrome tab and you will find Angry Birds app there. Click it to begin Angry Birds game and you can choose from SD version or HD version. If your computer can support for high definition graphics, then choose HD version. Otherwise, choose SD version button to load the game in low graphics mode.

angry birds chrome apps

According to Rovio, this is a free beta game which has 63 levels of the original game available. There are additional 7 special Chrome levels which mean Chrome users can enjoy extra features such as bombs, flowers that featuring Chrome. In the future, this game with premium levels can be purchased in Chrome web store.

How to play Angry Birds on Firefox and Internet Explorer?

I have personally tried to play Angry Birds using Firefox browser and IE browser and they worked perfectly just like Chrome browser. The Firefox version that I used is the latest 4.0.1 and Internet Explorer 9. My previous Firefox version 3.6+ was unable to support this game. Therefore, update to the latest version browser if you wish to play Angry Birds on web.

You can directly play Angry Birds online from

Advantages to play Angry Birds on Google Chrome

You must be wondering why we need to install Angry Birds app on Chrome browser while other browsers also can play it. Below are some reasons to explain it:

1)      Play Offline Angry Birds – Google Chrome users can still playing Angry Birds game even the computer is offline and not connected to Internet. Other browsers could not do that.

2)      Exclusive Angry Birds levels – some extra Angry Birds levels are specially designed for Chrome users.

3)      Install Angry Birds as an app – Chrome users can easily install and access to Angry Birds game by opening new tab without going online.


Angry Birds is no more just the game for Android or iOS mobile game but online games for everyone. Everyone can play Angry Birds online game for free without downloading the program. So, will you install Angry Birds app on Google Chrome or just play the online game on other browsers? Kindly share your opinions.

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  1. Did Angry Birds RIO is has Carnival Upheaval mission in PC version is update now?

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