Aug 152011

Hooray! Google + Plus is now added with new Google Games feature – you can play 16 fun online games with people you know to fill your leisure time and enhance relationship with each other. Unlike Facebook games, Google Plus games give you full control on how to play them and with whom to share. Google Plus stream will always clean without spamming with the games invitations message from your friends. Only when you switch to games tab and you will see the games invitations, games updates, recent games played by your friends and game notifications.

Below are all 16 online games available in Google Plus:

all google plus games

1)      Angry Birds

angry birds

2)      Bejeweled Blitz

bejeweled blitz beta

3)      City of Wonder

city of wonder

4)      Crime City

crime city

5)      Diamond Dash

diamond dash

6)      Dragon Age Legends

dragon age legends

7)      Dragons of Atlantis

dragons of atlantis

8)      Edge World


9)      Wild Ones

wild ones

10)   Zynga Poker

zynga poker

11)   Bubble Island

12)   Collapse! Blast

13)   Flood-It!

14)   Monster World

15)   Sudoku

16)   Zombie Lane

How to Play Google + Games

To start playing Google games, I assume that you already got your Google Plus account. If you haven’t gotten any Google Plus invitation yet, get it from here.

Step 1: Click the games tab on the top of your Google + stream. Then you will notice the featured games appeared. You can check all games available or games invitation requests at the left sidebar.

google plus games

Step 2: Before you can play any games, click Allow Access button to proceed to the game page.

google games permission

Step 3: Now, the games is loading and get ready to enjoy the fun Google+ games.

google games loading progress

Step 4: Time to play game with your online friends.

wild ones beta games

Note: Google + games are social and all your games achievements such as high scores, levels may be visible to other Google Plus users so you can easily finding friends to play the games together.

google plus games are social


I love Google Plus’s games feature because it differentiates the main stream from games page. The main Google + stream will remain focused on conversations instead of games invitation requests. Way to go!

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  1. wow what can i say thank you

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