Jul 272010

Pixlr or pixlr.com is a free online image editing tool that allows you to edit your photos online. Pixlr Editor is built in Flash and you need to have flash plugin (Flash 10) installed on your PC to work on it.

Why Use Pixlr Online Photo Editing Tool?

Pixlr.com is specially designed for users who needs basic photo editing tool to edit web images to be posted on social networks such as Facebook, Flickr… Pixlr Editor is free and easy to use image editing tool, when I first look at Pixlr Editor, I though it was PhotoShop light version. Pixlr has quite a lot PhotoShop functions such as wand tool, clone stamp tool, Eraser tool, Layer menu, Filter tool such as blur, sharpen and denoise tools. There are a lot more photo editor features that you can use to edit your photos online.

Simple Experiment with Pixlr .com

1)      Now open Pixlr.com and the loading time is less than 3 seconds. It’s pretty fast, right!

Pixlr Photo Editor

2)      You can select to create a new image, open image from computer or open image from URL. I choose to open image from computer and select an image.

Pixlr Filter Water Swirl

3)       I choose Filter à Water Swirl to edit the image. Let see what will happen next.

Pixlr result image

4)      The water swirl box appears and you can drag the cursor to adjust the setting. Then press OK button. Wow! I’m satisfied with the final image result as shown above. You can try other features and the result will appear instantly. Cool!

5)      Now you can choose to save the image. There are 4 types of formats (JPEG, PNG, BMP and PXD) and the mission is completed. Now you can share your modified images to your friends.

Pixlr save image

Final Image Result:

Final Pixlr result

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  1. I go to wait for my new graphics card before I cold do some editing of some picture. I am going to y this program soon.

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