Apr 162012

Pixiz is an online free photo editor which provides more than 800 photo effects such as funny effect, border effect, calendar effect and magazine covers effect. Pixiz uses face detection technology same as PhotoFunia to automatically identify human faces to match the face-in-hole effects.

Pixiz Photo Editor

Pixiz also comes with a built-in frame creator and Photo Collage editor for you to create a photo frames and enhance your photo effect. If you are using its photo collage editor, you are able to change background colors, add text, change image effects and more features.

Pixiz frame creatorPixiz photo collage editor

How to create funny photo effect using Pixiz photo editor?

Step1: Browse to Pixiz.com and select your favorite photo effect. In the example below, we choose Radio Scanner Skeleton effect.

Radio scanner effect

Step2: Upload your photo image. You can choose to tick Auto centring to center your uploaded image. Tick publish in gallery if you want your uploaded to be appear in the gallery. Now, click GO button to continue.

upload photo

Step3: Click crop picture to select the area of the photo you want. Click Save button once done.

Crop image

save cropping image

Step4: Congratulations! You have successfully created the radio scanner skeleton effect in gif format. You can choose to download the result into local hard drive, export the result and share the result to your friends via Facebook.

Pixiz radio scanner result

Final result:

Pixiz radio scanner skeleton effect

Pixiz Sample gallery

We have generated a few photo effects via Pixiz.com for your reference.

1)      Pixiz Calendar 2012 Effect (featured by Catherine Zeta Jones)

Pixiz Calendar 2012 effect

2)      Pixiz Cartoon Table Effect (featured by Lindsay Lohan)

Pixiz cartoon table effect

3)      Pixiz Body Builder Man Effect (featured by Justin Bieber)

Pixiz body builder man

Are you ready to create your own customized funny photo now? Go to pixiz.com to enjoy the fun with photo editing.

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