Apr 302012

PhotoMontager is an online photo montage editor which provides huge selection of great backdrops and photo effects for you to create an awesome photomontage. Just upload your photo either from computer, camera or Facebook to the selected photo effect and you’ll be amazed with the final photo montage result.

Let’s learn how to create an awesome funny photo montage now as shown in the tutorial below:

Step 1: Browse to PhotoMontager.com. You’ll find lots of funny photo effects including Disney effects as well.

Photo Montager

Step2: If you browse to the bottom of website, you will find the category drop box to ease the process of finding an effect. Choose the category and select your favorite photo effect now. In this example, we choose the Justin Bieber’s photo effect located at the highest rated category as shown in the screenshot below.

Photo Montager category

Step 3: Now, it’s time to upload your photo either from computer, camera or Facebook account.

upload your photo

Step 4: Once photo has been uploaded, you can adjust the photo size, crop the photo, add special effects or adding text according to your need. Once you are satisfy with the result, click Go button on the top of image.

Adjust photo & edit text

Step 5: Hooray! Here’s the Photo Montage final result. You can save the image to your computer or share it with your friends through Facebook.

Photo Montager result

We had created some funny photo effects using PhotoMontager’s service as shown in the below:

1)      Funny Cartoon Montage Effect (featured by Taylor Swift)

Photo Montager Cartoon

2)      Funny Cartoon Montage Effect (featured by Megan Fox)

Photo Montager Cartoon

3)      Michael Jackson’s Photo Montage Effect (featured by Rihanna)

Photo Montager - Michael Jackson

4)      Hollywood Photo Montage Effect (featured by Jeremy Lin)

Photo Montager - Hollywood


PhotoMontager contains lots of nice photo effects, backdrops and filters to help you easily create beautiful photo montages by online. Enjoy the fun!

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  1. Really like those. Maybe I could use one of those on my Facebook timeline cover =)

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