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Year 2010 is coming to the end and we are going to welcome Year 2011. In preparing to welcome 2011 New Year, I would like to guide you how to create free printable 2011 monthly calendar using free service provided by is an online free image editor to create fun picture effects with your own photos. Photofunny has tons of picture effects, photo frames, animation and photo montages templates for you to choose.

Photo funny creates many beautiful picture effects and you just need to upload your photo and customize it with the selected picture effect templates.


Steps to create 2011 printable calendar:

Step 1: Browse to website and select Wallpapers/Calendars category.

photofunny calendar category

Step2: Upload your photo and click Next button to continue. You can insert text into the photo as well.

upload photo

Step3: You can crop the image by moving the selection area. Click crop image button once finish the selection.

crop image photo funny

Step4: Congratulation to you! You have created 2011 calendar by yourself. Download the image to print it out and stick on the wall.

Note: If you do not want the watermark of, just sign up to PhotoFunny and it is free without any cost.

If you love the below calendars, you are freely to download all here. The actual size of these monthly calendars is 900 x 549 pixels.

PhotoFunny 2011 Free Printable Calendar Gallery:

January 2011 Calendar

January 2011 Calendar

February 2011 Calendar

february 2011 Calendar

March 2011 Calendar

march 2011 Calendar

April 2011 Calendar

april 2011 Calendar

May 2011 Calendar

may 2011 Calendar

June 2011 Calendar

june 2011 Calendar

July 2011 Calendar

july 2011 Calendar

August 2011 Calendar

August 2011 Calendar

September 2011 Calendar

september 2011 Calendar

October 2011 Calendar

october 2011 Calendar

November 2011 Calendar

november 2011 Calendar

December 2011 Calendar

december 2011 Calendar

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