Aug 192012

PhotoFunia was founded on 11 August 2007 and recently just celebrated its 5th year anniversary. Currently, PhotoFunia has become the world’s most famous fun image editor which processed over 1.3 million images per day. If this is your first time to read about PhotoFunia, kindly read on our previous articles below:

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Create Own Calendar 2012 using PhotoFunia

In conjunction with PhotoFunia’s 5th anniversary, we would like to feature all the new PhotoFunia effects in 2012 to demonstrate the power of PhotoFunia in creating funny photos. Therefore, take a coffee break and enjoy these amazing cool photo effects created by PhotoFunia.

January 2012

New Year Presents Effect (featured by scarett Johansson)

PhotoFunia Effect - New Year Presents

February 2012

FBI Agent Effect (featured by Lucy Liu)

PhotoFunia Effect - FBI Agent

Museum Kid Effect (featured by Emma Watson)

PhotoFunia Effect - Museum Kid

Family in the Museum Effect (featured by Michelle Dockery)

PhotoFunia Effect - Family in Museum

Be My Valentine Effect (featured by Kourtney Kardashian)

PhotoFunia Effect - Be My Valentine

Pink Heart Effect (featured by Shailene Woodley)

PhotoFunia Effect - Pink Heart

Vintage Frame Effect (featured by Eva Longoria)

PhotoFunia Effect - Vintage Frame

March 2012

Snow in London Effect (featured by David Beckham)

PhotoFunia Effect - Snow in London

Biker Effect (Jeremy Lin)

PhotoFunia Effect - Biker

Another Magazine Effect (featured by Rachel Mcadams)

PhotoFunia Effect - Another Magazine

Impressionists Effect (featured by Kelly Preston)

PhotoFunia Effect - Impressionists

Alien Effect (featured by Megan Fox)

PhotoFunia Effect - Alien

April 2012

Clown Effect (featured by Kate Bosworth)

PhotoFunia Effect - Clown

Easter Effect (featured by Jennifer Gartner)

PhotoFunia Effect - Easter

Portrait on the Wall Effect (featured by Heidi Klum)

PhotoFunia Effect - Portrait On The Wall

Vue Cinema (featured by Jeremy Lin)

PhotoFunia Effect - Vue Cinema

May 2012

Boardings Effect (featured by Adele)

PhotoFunia Effect - Boardings

Making Tattoo Effect (featured by Justin Bieber)

PhotoFunia Effect - Making Tattoo

June 2012

Night Street Effect (featured by Dakota Fanning)

PhotoFunia Effect - Night Street

Mint Frame Effect (featured by Amanda Seyfried)

PhotoFunia Effect - Mint Frame

Large Painting Effect (featured by Liam Hemsworth)

PhotoFunia Effect - Large Painting

The First Man On The Moon Effect (featured by Robert Pattinson)

PhotoFunia Effect - The First Man On The Moon

Almost Finished Drawing Effect (featured by Orlando Bloom)

PhotoFunia Effect - Almost Finished Drawing

Summer Love Effect (featured by Liam Hemsworth &Miley Cyrus)

PhotoFunia Effect - Summer Love

Roller Skater Effect (featured by Gwen Stefani)

PhotoFunia Effect - Roller Skater

Do you enjoy the above funny photo images? which PhotoFunia effect that you like most? Tell us in the comments and stay tuned for the PhotoFunia Effects 2012 Part 2 (July – December).

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