Jun 272013

Photo editing is fun, especially if you can turn pictures into something creative or even hilarious. You can see tons of edited photos with captions, nice backgrounds, funny effects, and so much more displayed on facebook, twitter, and other social websites.

Have you ever wondered how these people make such statement photos?

Well, if you want to transform your photo into something worth sharing, you might want to check out Photofunia.

Photofunia 2013 New Effects

This cool photo editing app allows people to manipulate simple photos and transform it into a multitude of photos with different effects. It is fun and easy to use, because it already come with bunches of preloaded templates that you can instantly use.

There are cool backgrounds and images that you can stick on, to create the perfect masterpiece. For example, there is one template of the Mona Lisa that you can use, and crop the face, to insert your face.  You can also have your face in a billboard or even on a famous magazine cover. Don’t you find that very cool?

PhotoFunia Magazine Effect

The Photofunia 2013 is definitely one of the favourites of many, and we can prove that because this cool photo editing app has accumulated a 4.5 star rating (5 being the highest), in majority of the lists of the best photo editors that you will find online.

You do not have to be a professional photographer or digital artists to make use of the Photofunia 2013. In fact, this app is a good venue to hone your skills in the digital arts, and learn your expertise when it comes to creating amazing and impressive photos.

More than having fun with your photo editing, the Photofunia also allows you to make the necessary corrections to your pictures and you are able to create beautiful calendar using your own picture. You just have to be familiar with the features and functions of the app, so that you will be able to process the tweaks needed, and impress your viewers with beautiful effects on your picture.

The Photofunia is also a free website. Meaning, you do not have to pay anything or enter your credit card number before you can actually use the website’s app. As soon as you enter the webpage of the Photofunia, you will be presented with so many backgrounds for pictures in thumbnail view, and find more features too, in order to create amazing effects. Personally, my favorite is the pencil tool, which allows me to transform digital pictures straight from my point and shoot camera, into a digital pencil art, which adds more depth and sophistication to my picture. An example as below:

Photofunia Pencil Drawing Effect

You can explore the Photofunia effects further by visiting their website, and discover the different features that you will surely be interested with.

Photo editing, as I said earlier is fun. It tickles your imagination and hones your creativity. Adults or even children can use this, and it can be a good family bonding between parents and children, who want to have a quality and productive activity to do, during this summer.

Let’s create some funny photo effects with PhotoFunia online at Photofunia.com or you can download PhotoFunia App below:

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