Apr 232011

Using PhotoFunia to create a funny photo effect is pretty easy and fun. PhotoFunia.com is offering more than 100 different FREE cool photo effects for you to choose. Photo Funia is using high-tech face recognition technology to automatically identify the face in photo. Therefore, just upload your photo and let PhotoFunia turns your photo into a funny Photo.

Today I would like to introduce some newest photo effects that created using PhotoFunia. The latest Photo Funia effects are as below:

1)      PhotoFunia Fancywork Effect

There is a number of colours drop-down box in Fancywork effect and the bigger number of colours you choose, the picture will be clearer.

photofunia fancywork colour settings

PhotoFunia fancywork effect-twilight edward

2)      PhotoFunia Affiche Effect

One of the good things about Affiche PhotoFunia effect is you can put your own words and embed in the picture.

photofunia affiche effect settings

PhotoFunia affiche effect-twilight edward

3)      Photo Funia Chinese Opera Effect

PhotoFunia Chinese Opera effect-Edward

4)      Photo Funia Basketball Player Effect

PhotoFunia Basket Player effect-Edward

5)      Photo Funia Memories Effect

Memories effect allows you to select 2 different photos to be generated either in color or black-white mode.

photofunia memories effect settings


I love PhotoFunia as it brings me lots of fun and unbelievable result. Now I can always generate incredible photo effects in an easy way.

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  1. I liked your site and what the arts and techniques of great and I love to be one of the members of your site and thank you

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