Sep 192009

Recently, I received a comment from Daniel (the developer of and I noticed that his website are providing 300++ free photo effects. To my surprise, I found that all the photo effects in his website are great looking and easy to use. Here I would like to guide you how to use this free online photo editor so you can also use it to generate funny photos.

How To Use Photo Funny ?

photo funny register

1. Firstly, browse to website.

2. You can register as a free user to enjoy more benefits such as extra special photo effects.

3. There are plenty of new funny photo effects available with their categories.

photo effects

4. Browse and select a photo image or reuse the photo image that you used before (if you had registered as member), you may add any words that you like. It will display on the picture generated later.

step 1 - select an image

5. Drag and select the image size you prefer. Then click the cut image button.

step 2 - cut image

6.There are 2 useful functions which helps a lot in adjusting the image. You can use Rotate and Brightness functions to rotate your image while brighten the color of images.

step3 - create effect

7. After creating the image, you can choose to publish the image, download the image or share in facebook.

share with others

Let’s see some real photos created using

photo funny - emboss effect.jpg

photo funny -animated photo montage man dancing

photo funny- fencing cat

photo funny- gollum

photo funny- twilight

photo funny-beetles

photo funny-chess

photo funny-lara

photo funny-superman

photo funny-rambo


Photo Funny is a great online photo editor which offers variety of free photo effects and I really have great fun time while playing with photofunny.

  10 Responses to “photo funny|| Free photo effects”

  1. Ahh! They were really funny and very very good, thanks for sharing such a good photo editing site.

    .-= Sahil Kotak´s last blog ..New innovative Way Of Making Money From Twitter =-.

  2. @Sahil Kotak: Thanks for the compliment.:) I personally think that photo funny is a great photo editing site which offers lots of new funny photo effects everyday. May be you can try on it too.

  3. That’s really funny! You know what? I think you should become a model or actor! BTW, Did rebecca designed a logo for you? I still haven’t seen it…
    .-= Benjamincip´s last blog ..Learn How A 17 Years Old Newbie Made $2,389 In Just One Month =-.

  4. @Benjamincip: Thanks Ben, if I become a model or actor; I guess I’m rich now,LOL… Actually rebecca asked me to choose a ready-made logo from the templates. Therefore, the logo that I chosen was not quite suitable for this blog.

  5. Lol. I really like the way you designed yourself. You look good especially in superman
    .-= Ricky´s last blog ..5 Ways To Watch Live Football Score On Mobile For Free =-.

  6. @Ricky: Thanks for the compliment and glad that you like the photos. :)

  7. Wanna join here! to enhance my photos!

  8. i really like the photos here and I want to do it in my photos will i join here? help me please. tanx

  9. really funny..!

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