Nov 182009

Who says students cannot use “MSN Messenger” and “Twitter” in the classroom now? The students even used their mobile phones to tweets or chatting with other friends on MSN Messenger. I know you will say “No way, Man. I don’t believe in you. Where got such a nice school in this world? Even at my working area, the company also not allow us to use Twitter or MSN Messenger. However, this is really true and you will not get penalized by using the social media programs in the school.


The lucky school that I mentioned above is Ngee Ann Secondary School in Singapore. For your info, Ngee Ann was selected by Microsoft’s Partners in Learning (PIL) scheme. One of 30 schools worldwide this year and named it a “Pathfinder School“. The Pathfinder School is the second highest level of recognition given by Microsoft to schools. The highest one is “Mentor School” which given to 12 schools around the world this year.

Microsoft Partners In Learning (PIL)


The main goal is to help schools gain better access to technology, foster innovative approaches to pedagogy and teacher professional development and provide education leaders with the tools to envision, implement and manage change. Microsoft is focusing on Innovative Schools, innovative Students and Innovative Teachers. Microsoft introduces this great program since 2007 and the main purpose is to improve education through access to technology and training.

What Changes To Be Happen At Ngee Ann Secondary School ?

First of all, I can foresee all the Ngee Ann’s students will know how to use Twitter, MSN Messenger and may be some of them will become experts of Social Media tools. This school will become the role model for other schools in Asia which shows the power of Social Network and also make the learning process more interesting. With Twitter’s 140 characters “Tweets”, the students will be able to summarize their knowledge more efficiently and creatively.

I am sure all the students will love to study in Ngee Ann Secondary School as their learning process will not follow the normal method but through the high technology. The students and the teachers can get along together as they are talking at the same channel via MSN, Twitter. Once again, congratulation to Ngee Ann Secondary School and I wish you a great success in embracing technology approach to teaching. Well Done!

  4 Responses to “Pathfinder School – Ngee Ann Secondary School | Tweets, Chatting In The Classroom Now”

  1. Sooner or later… All the school will have it. 10 years maybe. ;)
    .-= Jayce´s last blog ..HTC HD2 cant work on old small UI elements!!! =-.

  2. @Jayce: I don’t think it will happen in Malaysia. Hehe…After 10 years, may be got other same service like Twitter will be used in school too.

  3. Here in the Philippines, Twitter is very useful especially in schools. Thus, that makes our country one of the countries all over the world that uses internet a lot especially this social networking sites today such as Facebook and Twitter. I think our country is in the top 10 of this category. Thus, we are the only English speaking nations in Asia and we learned English faster than any other country all over the world except America off course.

    • @Raenell: You’re right. Twitter & Facebook have great impact to educational system. It makes studying more interesting and tie up the interaction between students & teachers.

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