Mar 272009

Today when I driving back to the office in the afternoon, suddenly I listened to a song called ‘Paraiso‘ from the local radio in my car. The song was sung by Smokey Mountain Band who was a Filipino singing group formed by musical director, composer, and conductor.

The meaning of Paraiso is a paradise in English. However, this song ironically depicts the current degrading environment filled with garbage and smog. Paraiso delivers the strong message to all people around the world to take care of our large-scale pollution environment.

The melody and the lyrics of Paraiso are totally suitable and awesome. I love the songs when first time listened to it, hence I would like to share this great environmental song to you in line with the Earth Hour 2009 tomorrow night at 8.30pm till 9.30pm. Let’s us put some effort to save our only living Planet – The Earth.

Smokey Mountain – Paraiso lyrics

Lyrics to Paraiso :
I. Return to a land called paraiso
A place where a dying river ends
No birds dare fly over paraiso
No space allows them to endure
The smoke that screens the air
The grass that’s never there
Refrain 1:
And if I could see a single bird
What a joy!
I try to write some words and create
A simple song to be heard by the rest of the
II.I live in a land called paraiso
In a house made of cardboard floors and walls
I learned to be free in paraiso
Free to claim anything I see
Matching rags for my clothes
Plastic bags for the colds
Refrain 2:
And if empty cans were all I have
What a joy!
I never fight to take someone else’s coins
and live with fear like the rest of the boys
Paraiso, help me make a stand
Paraiso, take me by the hand
Paraiso, make the world understand
That if I could see a single bird
What a joy!
This tired and hungry land could expect
Some truth and hope and respect
From the rest of the world
Repeat Refrain 2
Repeat Choru

Here’s the Paraiso‘s version performed by Lea Salonga

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