Jul 252010

Nowadays, internet users are demanding for faster internet speed connection to download music, pictures or files. Most of the users are still using 3G network as their primary wireless connection choice. However, with the fastest 4G networks or known as fourth generation Wireless communication, the internet speed is 4 times faster than 3G network and you can download music or files in a few seconds. Also, if you are a Youtube fan, you can watch youtube video without waiting for the video to buffer.

P1 Wimax refers to the service provided by Packet One Network Sdn bhd as Malaysia’s first Wimax telecommunication company. P1 Wimax will allow you to surf on high speed wireless broadband network with easy plug and play modem. WiMax is known as wi-fi technology which can provide better metropolitan wireless coverage and high-speed internet connection to the home and business users. Therefore, 4G Technology refers to WiMax Technology.

P1 WiMax Laptops

Intel Malaysia in collaboration with P1, launched its first WiMAX-ready 4G laptops to provide better broadband usage experience to all 4G users. These Wimax-ready notebooks and netbooks have built-in WiMax technology to support P1 Wimax network. Therefore, internet users have 2 choices either to connect with normal WiFi  or switch to WiMax connection. The Intel chip has an integrated WiMAX/WiFi adapter that supports till 3.5GHz WiMAX delivering up to 20Mbps connectivity.

In the market, there were a few WiMax enabled notebooks being sold such as Lenovo IdeaPad V360, Acer Aspire One, MSI U135. More netbooks and notebooks manufacturers such as Asus, Dell and Toshiba will release their WiMax laptops soon. You can view all the list of WiMax laptops on wimaxinside website. Currently, P1 is offering free WiMax subscriptions for six months to buyers who purchased Wimax laptops and register for P1 WiMax Inside internet plan. After that, RM 49 will be charged per month for the subscriber of P1 WiMax. For more details on P1 WiMax Inside plan, please visit WiMax Plan. 

  2 Responses to “P1 Wimax Laptop | Malaysia Fastest 4G Technology”

  1. still today im still with streamyx..
    perhaps i’ll get a wireless broadband once im on the go.. =)

  2. @Ken: I’m also with Streamyx now. If the Streamyx service is continually bad, I will seek for P1 WiMax. :)

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