Aug 282010

iPhone 4 is still not available in Malaysia yet. Although iPhone 4 fans can register through Digi iPhone or Maxis iPhone, but according to Digi and Maxis iPhone 4 pages, both of the telecommunication carriers are not available for pre-booking at all. Believe it or not, look at the below statements.

digi maxis iphone 4

Maxis iPhone 4 FAQ page

5) Will there be a pre-booking for the iPhone 4? When will Maxis inform me of the pre-booking and is a deposit required?

For the moment, there will not be any pre-booking for the iPhone 4. However, by registering your interest, you will be updated if there are any changes.

Digi iPhone 4 FAQ Page

Is this considered a pre-order?

No. This is a registration of interest, not a pre-order. You will be the first to know once iPhone 4 is available with DiGi but this does not guarantee that you will be the first to purchase the iPhone 4.


Therefore, Malaysia iPhone 4 fans have to stay tuned for the good news on Digi iPhone 4 or Maxis iPhone 4. To keep track and receive the latest updates on iPhone 4 Malaysia, don’t forget to register your email address on Digi iPhone 4 page or Maxis iPhone 4 page.

  3 Responses to “No Pre-booking for Digi iPhone 4 and Maxis iPhone 4”

  1. Is there a pre-booking for Philippines?

    • @Paul: Not sure about Philippines’s iPhone Pre-booking status. You may check with your local telecommunication providers.

  2. It should coming anytime now. :D

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