Dec 302010

First of all, let me take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you along with your families a Happy and successful New Year. In case you are too busy and can’t find a time to buy and send New Year greeting cards to your friends, colleagues and family members, you may consider sending these sincere New Year wishes to them either by email or SMS.

new year 2010 quotes

Below are some selected New Year Greetings and New Year quotes for you to send to your friends, siblings or loved ones.

1)      Happy New Year, dear Daughter and family. This comes to bring you, dear Daughter more love than can be told, and a wish for all the blessings that a year can hold! Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family!

2)      Happy New Year, dear Sister and family. This special wish at the New Year comes with a loving touch, for a Sister and her kin who mean so very much! Happy New Year, with love to all of you!

3)      Happy New Year to a special Daughter and her family. Thinking of you at this holiday time, and hoping that the New Year will be especially happy for everyone in your wonderful family! Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Daughter!

4)      Happy New Year to a dear Sister and her husband. This brings a New Year greeting for a dear Sister and her wonderful husband, with lots of love and best wishes for joy the whole year through! Have a great New Year!

5)      Happy New Year, Grandson. Wishing you the special joys a great New Year can bring; remember that you’re always wished the best of all good things! Happy New Year, Grandson!

6)      Happy New Year, dear Son and Wife. This brings a New Year wish to say that you are both so dear, and to wish you blessings all throughout the coming year! Happy New Year to you and your wonderful wife, dear Son!

7)      Happy New Year, Brother and family. Good health, happiness and prosperity are all wished for you and yours, dear Brother! Have a great New Year!

8)      Have a Happy New Year, Granddaughter. As you read this New Year greeting, here’s hoping it will show that someone’s thinking of you and would love to let you know! I just want to tell you in the most loving way that you’re a special Granddaughter who’s treasured every day! Happy New Year!

9)      Happy New Year, dear Children. This comes to greet you with a wish that you’ll all be inscribed for a great New Year. One that brings blessings of health, happiness and every kind of success! Happy New Year, dear Children!

10)   Happy New Year, Grandson. This message brings a heart full of love to a Grandson who’s very dear! Happy New Year!

11)   Happy New Year to a dear Son and his wife. This warm and loving greeting comes especially to say we hope the New Year that you share is great in every way! Happy New Year to a dear Son and his wonderful wife!

12)   Happy New Year to a special Brother. All through the coming year, may you be blessed with good health, happiness and good fortune, dear Brother! Happy New Year!

13)   Happy New Year, dear Daughter and husband. Thinking of the two of you is such a pleasant thing to do! When the New Year is here, may it bless you both with prosperity and love.  Happy New Year to you and your husband, dear Daughter!

14)   Much love at the New Year, dear Daughter. Although it’s sometimes difficult to express the love that I feel, I hope this greeting will let you know that you’re loved lots more than any words can show! Happy New Year, dear Daughter!

15)   A special New Year wish for you. Wishing you good fortune and the best in all you do; good health and happiness each day the whole year through! Happy New Year!

16)   For a special Sister at the New Year. Because you are so special, here’s a loving wish for a happy and enjoyable New Year. Hope it’s a great one!

17)   Best wishes for a happy New Year. May God’s special blessings shine down on you through every day of the New Year. Enjoy!

18)   For a dear Granddaughter and her family at the New Year. This New Year greeting brings a great deal of love and pride that comes from having a dear family like you! May all of you have a wonderful year, dear Granddaughter!

19)   Happy New Year, dear Husband. With all of my heart I am wishing you Dear; Happiness now and each day of the year. With all of my love I am telling you too; it is so wonderful being married to you! have a wonderful New Year.

20)   Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year. This greeting comes to wish you a New Year that’ll bring a happy assortment of life’s finest things; Health, happiness, joy and good luck! Have a wonderful time!

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