Sep 142010

PhotoFunia is already 3 years old now and they are one of the pioneers of Online Funny Photo Effects. PhotoFunia is using face detection technology to identify the face in the photo to create funny photo effects. Photo Funia is available in various languages (22 different languages)

Latest PhotoFunia Photo Effects 2010

PhotoFunia Template – At the mirror

You can choose 2 different photos and select the text on the mirror as shown below:

photofunia at the mirror

Final result:

PhotoFunia - at the mirror

PhotoFunia Template – Mug (Static & Animation)

Choose to use static or animation mug to create Funny Photo effect. I choose the static mug effect as a sample:


Final Result:

PhotoFunia-mug effect

Note: If you choose animation effect, the image size will become bigger. When you click to save the image, the message will pop up and you can choose to save image in regular or userpic format. Userpic option is only 100X100 pixels and the size is smaller.

New PhotoFunia Facebook Application

Facebook users now can select photos directly from the Facebook album to integrate with PhotoFunia funny effects. Just a few clicks and you can create lots of unique funny photo effects. Enjoy and have fun with new PhotoFunia Facebook App.

photofunia facebook app

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