Sep 072010

Good news to all Google users! Starting from October 3, 2010, you will expect to see more user-friendly Google Privacy Policies that are more transparent and understandable for users. According to Google Privacy Policy team, most of the Google products and services will be governed by the main Google Privacy Policy.

new google privacy policy 2010

Why New Google Privacy Policies?

We know that Google provides lots of Products, Services and websites to all users around the world. Therefore, each product or service required a Privacy Policy and that will be a bunch of Google Privacy Policies where some products or services are interconnected as well such as Gmail and Gtalk. It’s not easy to maintain and update all products and services that update very frequently. If you want to have a look on all Google products, Services privacy policies, check out the following links:

12 Google Privacy Policies will be retired in New Privacy Policy Updates

In line with reducing redundancies of Privacy Policies, Google has decided to retire 12 policies which are 3D Warehouse, App Engine, Calendar, Docs, Firefox Extensions, G1, Gmail, Feedback, iGoogle, Maps, Talk and Tasks. Some of them will be merged as one Policy only such as Gmail, Gtalk and Calendar & Docs because they are interacted each others in terms of services.

All in One Google Privacy Policy

The new Google Privacy policy will apply to all of Google Products, Services and websites offered by Google. I’ve read the new Google Privacy Policy and I found that it’s really easy to understand than the previous one as they have eliminated some unnecessary redundancies and jargon languages. You can read the new preview Google privacy policy online here.

Well, if you got any questions about new Google Privacy Policy, please write to them at

Privacy Matters
c/o Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, California, 94043


Don’t worry of Google new updated Privacy Policies because it’s just a movement to trim redundancies of policies and to simplified the long, complicated Google Policies. Therefore, I would say that I Love New Google Privacy Policy as it’s more user-friendly and simplify.

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