Mar 162011

AirAsia has just implemented 2 new features to ease our Flight Online Bookings via AirAsia website. The first feature is “My Family & Friends” list. You can store up to 10 of your friends or family members’ information in your AirAsia account to ease AirAsia Online Booking in the future. That means you can book AirAsia tickets faster than previously as you do not need to key in these guest’s information manually again.

airasia new booking features

The second new feature is called “My 1-Click card” where you can add up to maximum of 3 credit cards details to be used during the payment process. This new feature will store your favourite credit card list including card type, card number and the expired date. When you are going to make AirAsia flight bookings payment, just select the credit card and you can complete the payment more easier and simpler than before. This payment service can be used also in doing AirAsia Mobile Booking, Web Check-in (for Add-On items), AirAsiaGo and AirAsia Megastore soon.

Simple steps to add new guest information:

Step 1: Login to your AirAsia account

Step 2: Click My Profile and you will notice My Family & Friends menu. Select Add/Delete Details

Step 3: If the guest is an existing member, just select Member option and type in their email address. Otherwise, select Non-Member option and add their details personally.

airasia add my family and friends details

Simple steps to add Credit Card information:

Step 1: Login to your AirAsia account

Step 2: Click My Profile and select My 1-Click Card menu. Select Add/Delete Details and add the Credit Card details.

airasia add credit card details


These 2 new AirAsia features are great enhancements to simplify and accelerate the AirAsia Online Booking process. It can minimize some of common human errors such as typo errors and save customer’s time to book the AirAsia tickets.

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