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When talking about fast food restaurants, I will immediately think about KFC, McDonald, Burger King and A&W, Marry Brown because these are the most famous fast food restaurants around my area. Most of these fast food restaurants are operating internationally all over the world. In fact, there are a lot of fast food restaurants out there which provide variety of fast food for people. If you are interested to know more details about fast food restaurants, here’s the list of fast food restaurants compiled by Wikipedia.

What Is Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurant ?

Nowadays, fast food is so common to all of us. Even the small kids also know about Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and McDonald (burger). Fast food become a part in our eating habit and integrated into our life. I personally prefer to eat at KFC compares to McDonald and others fast food restaurants. The reason is very simple, because “It’s finger lickin’ good” and I love their chicken’s original recipe and crispy taste. It’s so crunchy and crispy as you can hear the loud crunch sound when you bite through the tender, juicy chicken.

Why People Love Fast Food ?

  • Faster delivery and save time
  • Easy to order or take away
  • Affordable prices or inexpensive food
  • No time to cook at home
  • Variety of food choices and good tasting

Fast Food Effects On Our Health

  • Not nutritionally balanced and loaded with calories from refined sugar and fats
  • High contents of sodium (salt and other additives).
  • Obesity risk, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and etc…
  • Considered as Junk food and deficient in essential nutrients like vitamins.


I’m not going to stop you from eating fast food at all because I love to eat as well. However, the truth is if we consumed fast food on a regular basis, it will lead us to many kinds of health hazards in the long run. Therefore, it’s very important to take balance daily diet in order to maintain an optimal health.

Are you falling in love with fast food ?

  16 Responses to “My Favorite Fast Food Restaurant | KFC | Kentucky Fried Chicken”

  1. My favourite fast food is KFC. For A&W, I like their root beer =)

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  2. I am not a particular fan of fast food, but if I have to choose it will be McDs :)

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  3. yeah.. i like those low cost fast food …

    imDavidLee’s last blog post..Dave’s Corner Had Been Migrated !!!

  4. @blinkky: Yeah! We love the same favorite fast food – KFC. For A&W, I can only think of their famous soft drink – Root Beer.

    @LithiumMind: Nice to see you here. I personally think that hamburger made by McDonald is the best among others fast food restaurant.

    @imDavidLee: Yes, low cost fast food is quick,cheap and convenient to us but bad to health if consume too often. :)

  5. I love both KFC and McDonald. However, food are different from one country to another. In Japan, they put much more ice than coca cola for instance.

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  6. @Benjamincip: Thanks for the info, now at least I know that Japan’s KFC restaurants served more ice than coca-cola. LOL.

  7. Have you ever heard about PepperLunch? I went to many PepperLunch restaurant in Japan, and I was told It come from USA. The food there is very good, and it’s very quick. YOu just have to buy a ticket by inserting coin in a machine.

  8. @Benjamincip: This is my first time to know PepperLunch, I quickly searched online and found that Pepper Lunch is an affordable DIY fast food steakhouse with more than 200 outlets in Japan. Thanks for the great info and will definitely try it when get the chance to visit Japan. :)

  9. I found that chicken rice is faster than fast food. Gosh, talking about fast food makes me hungry now… :(

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  10. @Kit Kat: I love chicken rice as well and their services are very fast too. Should I consider chicken rice as fast food too? :)

  11. A restaurant/fast-food chain creator. You don’t have call them that. But when they apply for the licence, that’s the legal term: restaurant/fast-food chain creator. It’s right there in bold print at the top of the form.

  12. I work at Mc Donald’s and it sucks! I don’t eat the meat because there was a five page article in the New York Times about how the meat packing Plant Mc Donald’s uses( Sapiro in Augusta Ga.) was so disgusting the Feds have almost closed it down several times.

  13. @Handmade jewellery: Thank you for dropping by here. All restaurants should let consumers know how they prepare the food. It should be transparent to all consumers and if they did not reach hygienic standardization, we should report them and boycott unhygienic food preparation conditions.

  14. KFC now has “grilled” chicken – I haven’t tried it yet but it seems like it must be a little bit healthier than the fried chicken.

  15. @Dave from Bass Fishing: Hi, Dave. Thanks for the info. I also haven’t tried grilled chicken from KFC. Hope it really better and healthier than normal one. :)

  16. due to the busy schedules from work, most people would just prefer to eat on fastfoods *

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