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Do you know how to make static face photo become motion photo? Many of you may be had tried funny photo effects website such as, and But, none of them can transform a photo into such real 3D animation as good as Motion Portrait technology. I know it sounds like impossible when we have photo in jpeg format can automatically becomes animated 3D face.

Today I’m going to introduce you a new technology by Motion Portrait, Inc. Motion Portrait is an unique real-time 3D technology which can transform any pictures to 3D live models. The pictures especially your digital photo of a face can easily transforms into a variety of facial expression animations such as static face can blink and move the eyes, open the mouth softly, various kind of emotions and all these animation pictures can be processed within a few seconds.


Motion Portrait is originally developed by Sony Kihara Research Centre a few years ago and now belongs to Motion Portrait Inc. It’s like Artificial Intelligent where it can recognize the eyes, nose and mouth automatically to create 3D animated photo.

How to use Motion Portrait to create instant 3D animation from static photo?
Step 1:
Browse to Motion Portrait Change website as shown below


Step 2:

Click to Change Your Own Face.


Step 3:

Upload your favorite photo in jpeg format only. Do not upload photo more than 1MB.


Step 4:

As soon as you uploaded the photo, you will see cute message “Now Creating Your 3D face ” appear on the screen. Don’t worry, just wait for it.


Step 5:

Now you can switch between your face or the default picture. Click “You” to show your face.


Step 6:

Motion Portrait provides variety choice of special hair styles, wearing accessories and background images for you to choose. Just select your favorite style from the sample given and it will automatically suit your face.


Step 7:

Click the (C) button as shown below if you want to switch to other styles. If you want to save the picture, just click the camera symbol besides (C) button.

Let’s see my pumpkin face created by Motion Portrait Change.


With Motion Portrait Technology, nothing is impossible. No matter you are using human faces or animal faces, MotionPortrait can work very well without problem. So, let’s try Motion Portrait technology to turn your photo into 3D animation photo.

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  1. I’m glad to have visited your blog and good to know about Motion portrait, I find it interesting and informative.

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