May 052009

Do you still remembering Mother’s Day? Let me just remind you one more time, it’s on May 10,2009 (This Sunday). Have you prepared Mother’s Day Flowers and gift for your beloved mother?

Mother’s Day is celebrated to recognize and honor all mothers for the positive contributions and hardships they bear in bringing up a child. The first national Mother’s Day was celebrated on May 8, 1914 after signed and declared by former US president Woodrow Wilson. Since then, most of the countries in this world celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May.

Perfect Time to say Thank You to your Mom
We should appreciate all the things that our Mom have done and keeping doing for you. For most of Eastern countries, people are not used to express their gratitude towards Mom with emotion (may be a little bit shy). Therefore, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to say “Thank You, Mom. I Love You” and I’m sure your mom will be happier than before.

Other Creative Ways To Show Your Love

  • Send her a cute and warm Mother’s Day Card via internet or handmade. I prefer a handmade one as it’s more unique and I believe your mother will appreciate it.
  • Buy a special unique Mother’s Day Gifts from gift shop or Amazon Store.
  • If you are working far away from hometown and seldom back home, this is the best time to go home and give a surprise to your Mom. She will overjoy and jump happily like small girl.
  • Mother’s Day Flowers for Mother also one of the nice choice if you really cannot think of something for Mother’s Day.
  • Mother’s Day Cake also can bring good memorable moment for the Mother as we often forget our own mother’s birthday.
  • If you are really too busy and unable to meet your mother on that day, at least send her a SMS or give her a call to express your concern and gratitude. She will understand it and still happy because you still remembering her.
  • If you can afford more expenses, bring your mother to dine out at a restaurant and let your mom free for one day.
  • Pick a Mother’s related songs and practice to sing it with full emotion. Then on Mother’s Day, give her a surprise by singing the song to your mother either at house or restaurant. I’m sure she will melt into tears.
  • Choose a movie on mothers and watch together with whole family.
  • Create a Mother’s Day Poem and read out loud to your mom on Mother’s Day. I guarantee your mother will appreciate the heartfelt emotions and treasure them forever.

Above are just a simple list of mother’s day gift ideas for your reference purpose and I trust that you have other great ideas to share with us. Please don’t hesitate to leave you comments to share with us how you going to celebrate this coming Mother’s Day.

Last but not least, I would like to dedicate my sincere “Happy Mothers Day” to all mothers in this world and especially to my Mom. You are the greatest and wonderful mom ever, thank you for your undivided love and sacrifices that you’ve made for us. I Love You, My Dearest Mommy! May God always give you good health and your are always be the Queen of my heart.

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