Mar 212011

Hooray! I would like to thank Maxis 10 Reviewers Programme for choosing me as one of the Maxis 10 reviewers to review the latest Google Nexus S Android Smartphone. I was not able to attend the Google Nexus S launching event held at Pavilion,KL last week but still hoping that the Google Nexus S Smartphone unit will arrive in these 2 days.

maxis 10 nexus s reviewers

Once received the Google Nexus S, I will be doing some testing and reviewing about it soon. Stay tuned! I had been playing around with Apad which runs on Google Android 2.2 OS but Google Nexus S is the pure Android phone (Android 2.3 Gingerbread) from Google and manufactured by Samsung. Therefore, I have really high expectation in terms of its performance and features.

The Maxis 10 Reviewers Programme is a great platform for reviewers to experience the latest technologies and devices from Maxis. If you are interested to review latest service or product from Maxis, don’t hesitate to apply Maxis 10 Reviewers Programme and who knows you will be selected as one of the lucky reviewers for upcoming Maxis products or services.

maxis 10 reviewers programme

Maxis 10 Google Nexus S Reviewers

Congratulations to all selected Maxis 10 Google Nexus S reviewers. Below are their Twitter and blog where you can read their latest reviews on Google Nexus S. If you are active on Twitter, just follow #Maxis10 on Twitter to look out for their latest updates.

Maxis 10 Google Samsung Nexus S Reviewers:

  6 Responses to “Money4Invest Has Been Chosen to Review Google Nexus S via Maxis 10 Reviewers Programme”

  1. Bro, looking forward to read your review. :)

  2. thats cool.. enjoy the privilege! :D

  3. Still haven’t receive your phone?

    • @Jayce: You’re right….they just sent out the phone yesterday and expected to reach here may be tomorrow….Can’t wait already!!!

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