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Happy Mid-Autumn Mooncake festival and wish all my Chinese friends “Happy MoonCake Festival”. In 2009, the mooncake festival falls on October 3rd. Some people called the mid autumn mooncake festival as lantern festival because on that night, most children will carry multi-colored lanterns with families to the beach, streets to moon gaze. Chinese people believe that on that day, the moon is the brightest for the whole year.

lantern festival

Mid-Autumn Foods – MoonCakes

When talking about mooncake festival, we cannot forget about the traditional food – mooncakes. Mooncakes are specially linked with the moon festival and there are variety flavor to taste mooncakes such as lotus seed paste, egg yolks, red bean paste and green tea paste. In fact, mooncakes are high in calories and not quite suitable for dieters. Today, most people will buy mooncakes as presents for good friends and relatives.


What To Do At Mid Autumn MoonCake Night ?

Well, you can stay up late with family to gaze at the beautiful moon, eating mooncakes and sipping tea. It’s actually a perfect moment to reunion with family’s members and enjoy the finest night of the year 2009.


  7 Responses to “Mid Autumn MoonCake Festival 2009 | Lantern Festival”

  1. Your Moon Cake looks very teasty! ^-^
    .-= Benjamincip´s last blog ..What Is Better “Social Media Marketing” Or “Email Marketing” ? =-.

  2. Happy Mid-Autumn Mooncake festival. :)
    .-= Jayce´s last blog ..Thanks Nuffnang for the invitation to Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards =-.

  3. @Benjamincip: Haha…the moon cakes taste really nice. If got chance, you must try it too. :)

    @Jayce: Wish you Happy MoonCake Festival too. :)

  4. Happy Lantern Festival! Hopefully you have a great time with family! Enjoy!

  5. @Ching Ya: Thank you for the wishes. Wish you have a wonderful Lantern festival too. :)

  6. The mooncake looks mouth watering.
    .-= Diabetis´s last blog ..Hypoglycemia, the low blood threat for diabetic =-.

  7. @Diabetis: I bet you’re right. Mooncakes really taste delicious and I had enjoyed the good time of MoonCake festival.

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