Jan 122010

In the beginning of year 2010 while everyone still celebrating for new year, My country – Malaysia has become well-known in the world, thanks to the series of firebomb attacks to the churches. The attacks were believed the work of coward extremists/culprits . The attacks started after Malaysia’s High Court ruled that a Roman Catholic newspaper, the Herald, was allowed to use the word “Allah” for God in the malay section of its multi-lingual newspaper.

The attacked churches were Metro Tabernacle (Assembly of God) in Kuala Lumpur, three churches in Petaling Jaya: Life Chapel (Brethren), Assumption Church (Catholic) and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Lutheran); also damaged were All Saints’ Church (Anglican) in Taiping, Melaka Baptist Church in Melaka (vandalized but not firebombed), Good Shepherd Church (Catholic) in Miri (pelted with stones) and Sidang Injil Borneo (Evangelical Church of Borneo) in Seremban. Only one of the churches (Metro Tabernacle) has been seriously damaged, other churches buildings suffered minor damages and thank God there were no injuries reported during attacks.

Actually, all Malaysian regardless whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims are peace-loving citizens because after the church attacked by firebomb, Malaysians who believe in the values of  “1 Malaysia” are condemn these extremists’ acts. 130 Muslim NGOs (non-governmental organisations) have offered to safeguard Christian Churches from attacks. They will help to monitor security at churches and become the back-bone of police and government Malaysia. Besides that, Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak promised that Government would take whatever steps to prevent such incidents. He also announced an allocation of RM500,000 to the Metro Tabernacle Church to enable the church to be rebuilt. Some of my Malay friends also condemned the attacks on the churches as these actions will destroy country’s harmony.

Let’s pray for the peace of the world especially cordial relations between the various races and religions in Malaysia and to give the wisdom to all politicians, judges and people in resolving “Malaysia Allah” matter. For the extremists/culprits who in charge of burning down the churches, I pray for them to stop committing more crimes immediately because violence is not the way to resolve difficulties. God loves you just as He loves me.

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