Feb 222010

Top social networking Facebook recently acquired Malaysian Internet company - Octazen Solutions. Octazen Solutions is known for its toolkit which able to scrape contact lists and import contact info from various websites such as Twitter without being detected. Although Facebok company can import contacts via OAuth and APIs but obviously Octazen can do better than this and dig more data than current APIs.

Why Facebook Acquired Octazen

According to Gigaom , Facebook described the buy as a “Talent Acquisition“. I know you must be wondering what is Talent Acquisition and according to Facbook spokeperson Larry Yu, “We have admired the engineering team’s efforts for some time now and this is part of our ongoing effort to add experienced, accomplished technical talent to help drive the company forward in its efforts to be the central way for people to connect and share information.”

Why Octazen Solutions?
Facebook choose to buy Octazen Solutions as their third acquisition and not other same startup social networking company because Octazen provides unique services to the customers. Octazen offers software and services to help users invite their friends from one site to another site. This comes particularly for sites that rely on a social graph, especially social networks. Octazen scripts do this using public APIs and standard tools like Oauth to scrape the user’s data.

Just for your info, Facebook has over 400 million users now and We are proud as Malaysian because Octazen Solutions which based in Malaysia was acquired by giant social network – Facebook. I personally think that Facebook is actually acquire the expertise of these 2 guys in data gathering to enhance their services to all faceboook users. Malaysia Boleh!

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