Jan 052011

Do you use RON97 petrol or RON95 petrol for your vehicle? If you are using RON 97 petrol all this while, then you need to pay extra 10 sen to RM 2.40 per litre effective midnight of Jan 4, 2010. If you are aware, the RON 97 petrol price has just increased on Dec 1, 2010 which went up 15 sen per litre.

ron 97 price increase

Kerosene price is also up from RM 2.40 to RM 2.50 per litre. Luckily, the price of RON 95 is remaining the same at RM 1.90 per litre, diesel at RM 1.80 per litre and LPG at RM 1.90 per kg.

Actually, Malaysia Government had announced in last year that the price of RON 97 will be floating follows the Global oil market without subsidiary. Based on current oil prices, we know that the global oil prices are increasing as well in early of 2011. The current OPEC oil price is US$89.89 per barrel and might be increased again in the near future.

Do you think that the price of RON 95 and Diesel will increase also to close the gap between RON 95 and RON 97?

  2 Responses to “Malaysia Fuel Price Increase | RON 97 up 10 sen Per Litre”

  1. I believe the price of RON 95 will definitely increase in near future. Referring to the article posted on Malaysiakini (http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/152446), PEMANDU planned to increase RM0.10 every 6 months.

    • @Jimmy: Thank you for the comment. If price of RON 95 increase, it will affect more people as most people are using RON 95. Anyway, i pray for the fuel prices will decrease instead of increase.

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