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Yellow Pages is refering to a telephone directory of businesses, residential which is categorized according to name or service provided. Yellow Pages is used globally and now also available on internet called “Internet Yellow-Pages“. In Malaysia, you can use Yellow Pages Malaysia to find the telephone directory of businesses and it saves a lot of your time to find it on normal Yellow pages book.

Yellow Pages Malaysia

How To Use Yellow Pages Malaysia

It is really as easy as ABC to use Malaysia Yellow Pages website. Just type any keywords (company or category) and put the city or state name then hit Search button. In a few seconds, all the related telephone numbers will be listed out. Please be remembered that Internet Yellow Pages can only use to find Businesses phone numbers and not residential phone numbers due to confidentiality issues.

Search Yellow Page Malaysia

Yellow Page Search Result

Make Free Call To Any Business Listing Companies on Yellow Pages Malaysia

Make Free Call To Business

Do you believe that you can make a free call to business companies listed in Yellow Pages Malaysia with “ZERO” phone charges? Here’s the way how to use Free Call function provided by Yellow Pages Malaysia.

Step 1: Click on the Free Call button (phone icon), the free call function will open in a pop-up window
Step 2: Enter your phone number (Handphone number or home number)
Step 3: Select when you would like to be called (Right now, In 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes)
Step 4: Then click Call Now For Free button. Your phone will ring and connected to the business you selected. Enjoy the free call.

Make Free Call Using Malaysia Yellow Pages

I think this is really good bonus feature provided by Yellow Pages Malaysia to help business companies and Customers. Customers can call for business companies listed in Yellow Pages and call them for free of charge. It’s a win-win situation for both business and customers. The only lacking feature is we cannot make free call to home residential number. For business people who wants to save monthly phone bill charges, you can utilize this Free Call service to cut cost as well.

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