Mar 132011

Sometimes, we used to work in the office or home until very late at night. Can you imagine that you need to write and send emails to your clients or friends when you are not in a very sober situation? You might be typing the wrong words, using the improper grammars or impolite wordings without processing them before sending out. Then, you may regret about it the next morning.

Gmail Labs has a great feature called “Mail Goggles” to help you overcome such problem from happening. When you activated Mail Goggles Gmail Labs feature, you are freely to adjust the schedule in the “General” settings page and whenever you need to send out the Gmail during the selected time, some simple math problems will appear and you need to solve them before sending the Gmail. This is useful to avoid unwanted Gmail send out to other people unintentionally due to mind – tiredness.

mail goggles

How to Use Mail Goggles

Step 1: Go to Gmail Labs to enable Mail Goggles. Click here to learn how to search Gmail Labs faster.

Step 2: Once enabled the Mail Goggles, click on General Settings and you can select the days and times when you want Mail Goggles to take action. You can set the difficulty level as well. 1 is for easy math level while 5 is for hard math level.

mail goggles general settings

Step 3: For experiment purpose, I set the difficulty level as 1 and below are the math questions that you need to answer before sending the Gmail.

mail goggles message

Step 4: Below screenshot shows the difficulty level 5 (harder math questions)

mail goggles math problems


Mail Goggles Gmail Labs feature is no doubt a good preventive measure to ensure that you are only sending the Gmail safely during sober period.

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