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MagMyPic is a free online fake magazine covers Maker that allows you to upload own photo and then automatically generate a magazine cover with your uploaded photo. Currently, MagMyPic contains more than 70 magazines & comics covers templates. Once you have created a magazine cover, you can publish it to social networking sites such as Facebook, website and forum. Also, MagMyPic allows you to download the high-resolution created magazine covers to your computer for $0.49.


Here’s a simple tutorial on how to make your own magazine cover using MagMyPic.com

Step 1: Go to MagMyPic.com and click “Make a Mag” button.

Make a Mag

Step 2: Upload your favorite photo and then click “Upload and Continue” button. Currently, MagMyPic supports file types such as JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF format.

upload photo

Step 3: Choose your favorite magazine or comic cover on your right side. You will see the preview magazine cover on your left side. Click Enlarge, Shrink to align your photo in magazine cover. Once done, click “Save & Continue” button.

select magazine cover

Step 4: Voila! Your fake magazine cover is finished. You can share the magazine cover via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. You also can order a frame with your photo for $2.65.

Final result

If you want to see your created magazine cover appeared on MagMyPic.com website, just register a free account with MagMyPic.com so other people can see and vote on your magazine covers.

Register free account

MagMyPic Gallery

We have created some fake magazine covers using MagMyPic.com for your reference.

Justin Bieber Bachelor Magazine Cover

Justin Bieber magazine cover

Miley Cyrus Teen Girl Magazine Cover

Miley Cyrus magazine cover

Kim Kardashian Fame Magazine Cover

Kim Kardashian magazine cover

Robert Pattinson People Power Magazine Cover

Robert Pattinson magazine cover

Jennifer Aniston My Love Magazine Cover

Jennifer Aniston magazine cover


MagMyPic is a wonderful website to generate fake magazine covers. The steps are easy to follow and within a few mouse-clicks, you got the professional magazine cover with your photo on it. Do you know other websites that provided the same function like MagMyPic.com? Kindly share with us in the comments.

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