Aug 112010

Loonapix is a website to create funny photo online. There are 5 different features to create funny photos in Here I will introduce you the first feature you will find at Loonapix called Loonapic Effect.


Loonapic Effect

loonapix homepage

There are over hundreds Loonapic Effects that you can choose of and it’s really simple to create beautiful photo effects with Loonapic editor. Firstly, upload your photo via My File tab or URL tab. My File tab allows you to choose your photo from your local disk while URL tab allows you to enter an URL to the image in the web.

Upload your photo

In this case, I will choose to upload the photo via My File. For your info, the maximum photo size to be uploaded is 5MB and only JPG, GIF and PNG format images are accepted.

Once the photo was uploaded successfully, you can choose a Loonapic effect to transform your normal photo to artistic photo. You can move the photo around to adjust the angle of photo.

add effect to photo

Lastly, it’s the time to create your very own photo effect. Click the Create button and wait for the miracle happens. The photo has transformed into artistic photo as below. You can save the photo to local disk by clicking Save to disk link and the photo format will be in JPG. You can easily change to other Loonapic Effects by clicking Change effect link.

create funny photo

loonapic effect

Final Loonapix Photos:

loonapix brad pitt

loonapix drawing effect

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