Jul 092010

According to Famecount, Lady Gaga is having more Facebook Fans than President US – Barack Obama. The total Facebook fans of Lady Gaga are more than 10 million while Obama’s Facebook fans are around 9.6 million. Therefore, Lady Gaga becomes the first living person who has 10 million fans on Facebook.

Top Facebook Pages Fans

Early this March, Lady Gaga’s music videos were viewed over 1 Billion on YouTube and made her became the first music artist to pass 1 billion Youtube views online. However, she still not the top 5 most popular Facebook FanPage because the person with the most Facebook fans is Michael Jackson (14.5 million fans) which ranks second to the Games fanpage – Texas Hold’em Poker( 20 millin fans). The third position is Mafia wars game fanpage ( 12.7 million), followed by Facebook itself with 11 million. The fifth position is TV shows – Family Guy with around 10.4 million fans which I think can be easily overtake by Lady Gaga Fans very soon.


Lady Gaga is becoming the trend of social media especially Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Do you think that Lady Gaga can become the top facebook fans in this year or next year? Let’s watch one of the famous Lady Gaga’s music video on Youtube.

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