Jan 172011

Kuwo is my favorite free music and songs downloader tool since I used it last year. Kuwo is called “酷我” in mandarin which means “I Am Cool” and you can use it as Kuwo music box because it contains hundred thousands of Chinese and English songs in the song database.


After installing Kuwo software, I just search the song I want to listen and Kuwo will immediately play the songs for me. By playing the song, you can sing the song by viewing the Kuwo lyric that generated from database. I also can download the songs in MP3 or WMA format to my hard disk. Although the downloaded songs are not the best quality, but it’s enough for me for normal listening purpose.

kuwo song lyric

Since the Kuwo music downloader is created in China, there’s only Chinese version available and I cannot find any English Kuwo version. Also, most of the songs in Kuwo database are mainly Chinese MP3 but there are a lot English, Korean and Japanese songs can be found in Kuwo. You can follow the complete guidelines on how to install and operate Kuwo in English instructions here.

In short, Kuwo is a great music downloader software which allow you to search, to play, download and listen the songs. The latest version of Kuwo 2010 is available for download from the official Kuwo website.

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  1. please free me a kuwo2011

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