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In my previous blog post regarding How To Remember Passwords, I had mentioned that I’m using Free Password Manager software – KeePass Password Manager to manage all my passwords. Now, I would like to give you brief introduction about KeePass Password Safe program and how to use KeePass software to store and remember all your passwords.

What is KeePass Password Manager?

KeePass Password Manager is multi-platform free open source software to store your passwords in a secure way. KeePass is suitable for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X operating systems and available in multilingual. KeePass database is highly-encrypted and only can be unlocked with the master password. For people who often travelling, you can download KeePass Portable as you can easily bringing all your passwords using USB drive or CD. You can use it on any computer that you want without additional installation.

How To Install KeePas Password Manager?

1)      Go to KeePass official homepage to download the latest KeePass 2.12 installer. The size of the program is about 1.9MB. Double click the setup file and select the language to use. The default language is English.

keepass 2.12 setup

2)      Click Next button and choose I accept the agreement option to continue the installation.

keepass license agreement

3)      Select the location to install the KeePass Password Safe or just click Next button to continue with the default installation folder. You can either choose full installation or customize the components that you need. Press Next button to continue.

keepass full installation

4)      The setup will create the program shortcut in Start Menu folder as KeePass Password Safe 2. Just press Next button to the next page. KeePass has a special file extension called .kdbx. Just ticked Associate KeePass with the .kdbx file extension and press Next button.

finish keepass installation

5)      Ready to install and completing the KeePass Password Manager installation. This will launch the KeePass program now.

completing keepass password setup

So, now you have successfully install KeePass Password Safe program. When the KeePass software first launch, you will need to create a database to store your passwords.

File –> New

keepass new database

Select the locations where you want to create the KeePass database.

create new password database

Now create Composite Master Key which is the most important feature for KeePass password manager. Choose your master password carefully because next time you just need to remember the Master password to access the encrypted database.

create composite master key

Now click the Add Entry button to add new password details.

add new entry

fill in password details

You can add as many passwords as you want and print out the list as easy reference.

print password entries


KeePass Password Manager is a great piece of free software which can secure your passwords and help you to remember all the passwords by one master password. If you are looking for free and reliable password manager software, KeePass Password Manager is your primary choice.

Download KeePass Password Manager

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