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Good news for all Malaysian job seekers. No matter you are still seeking for jobs or hunting for better jobs, you might find a better career here. JobsMalaysia is an official website launched by Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia to provide a free platform for all job seekers and employers in Malaysia.

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Do I need to pay any fees to join Jobs Malaysia portal?

No. you do not need to pay anything because JobsMalaysia.gov.my is a FREE job portal for everyone. I encourage job seekers to register with Jobs malaysia portal to get the latest vacancy announcements. As of 2010 stat, the jobs filled were 15,722, new jobseekers registered were 210,170 and employers registered were 32,761.

There are some great features on Jobs Malaysia portal. When you browse to the homepage, you will see Part-Time Jobs icon which provide you an overview of Part-Time vacancies available. However, you need to login to see the active or open part time vacancies.

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SMS service is provided to users who do not access to internet. You need to update your phone number at profile page to enjoy the SMS service. SMS service allows you to update profile, do a job search, apply for a job, and check application status and other related services. You will get immediate SMS alerts wherever you are and respond to these alerts immediately.

Below are some of the Jobs Malaysia Portal FAQ that you might want to read before applying for the vacancy job.

Jobseeker FAQ

Question: How do I register to JobsMalaysia?

Answer: Please refer to the Registration Guidelines or contact the nearest Labor Department office.

Question: What should I do if I forget my password?

Answer: Email onlinesupport@mohr.gov.my your full name and identification number for verification and a new password will be emailed to you. Alternatively you can contact the nearest Labor Department office.

Question: How do I check the status of my job applications?

Answer: Please check your JobsMalaysia inbox regularly!

Question: How do I update my qualifications?

Answer: Email online support @mohr.gov.my the details of the qualifications to be deleted or updated. Alternatively you can contact the nearest Labor Department office.

Question: When I apply for a vacancy, there is a message that I am not eligible. I think I am qualified for the vacancy. Why can’t I apply for the vacancy? Currently it is not possible.

Answer: The JCS system automatically matches the qualifications internally against the vacancies. For example, if you have a Degree in IT and would like to apply for a job that requires Diploma in IT, the system cannot match the vacancy against the qualifications. Please note that job matching is done automatically by the system and no manual matching is ever done by us!

Question: I have registered as a jobseeker for a long time. I have not received any calls for interviews or short listed by any employer? What is the cause for this?

Answer: You can do a job search and apply for a suitable job online! However, the decision for interviewing or short listing candidates is based on employer’s own discretions. Please note that you have to always apply for the job vacancy that matches your profile! Also don’t forget to keep checking your JobsMalaysia account regularly!

Employer FAQ

Question: How do I advertise job vacancies for my company?

Answer: Do the following steps:

Register yourself as an employer at JobsMalaysia.

Go to menu Quick Update > Post New Vacancy under Employer Menu, login and fill in the vacancy details.

Keep checking your inbox menu Quick Query > My Inbox under Employer Menu regularly.

Question: What are the requirements to register as an employer?

Answer: There are no documents needed for you to register as employer except for your ROB/ROS/ROC number of your company. If you are an individual employer your Identification number is necessary.

Question: How can I modify details in my account?

Answer: You can modify your details at menu Quick Update > Employer Profile under Employer Menu. Please note that you cannot modify a posted vacancy details except for updating number of available vacancies.

Question: How do I employ foreign workers when Malaysian candidates not available for a vacancy?

Answer: Please contact the nearest Labor Department office for the hiring of foreign workers.

Question: Do I need to fill up the PA 2/98 form when I hire foreign workers?

Answer: You need to fill up the PA 2/98 form only if you had hired foreign workers before or currently have foreign workers in your company.

Question: What are the forms I should fill up when I want to send back foreign workers upon completion of contracts or resignation?

Answer: You need to fill a copy of 24 panel Insurance cover note given to you by the Labor Department and submit it to the nearest Labor Department office.


JobsMalaysia portal is a good platform for job seekers to seek for suitable jobs and for employers to get their best candidates both locally and overseas. I hope all job seekers can find their dream jobs in Jobs Malaysia’s portal.

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