Aug 062010

We all know that Apple had just released the iPhone 4 prices in Singapore on 30 July 2010. As you can see on Apple Online Store, the iPhone 4 (16 GB and 32 GB) are costing SGD 888 and SGD 1,048, respectively. The shipping fee is free of charge and estimated to arrive in 3 weeks upon order. All the iPhone 4 will be in black color and the white iPhone 4 currently unavailable for order.

 iphone4 price in singapore

For your info, these iPhone 4 prices are only applicable to the purchase you made from Apple Online Store without the contract with any wireless carrier. I believe you will get cheaper iPhone 4 prices if you sign up contract with Singtel, StarHub or M1. Below is an iPhone 4 price plan for StarHub customers.

  3G SmartSurf 100 3G SmartSurf 300 3G SmartSurf 3G SmartSurf Unlimited
Monthly fee (w/GST) S$38 S$58 S$98 S$205  
Voice credit (mins) 100 300 700 2000
SMS/MMS credit 500 500 500 2000
Data credit (GB) 12 12 12 Unlimited
16GB iPhone 4 S$500    S$230  S$0  S$0
32GB iPhone 4 S$630    S$380    S$70  S$0

iPhone 4 Prices  in Malaysia

Till now, Apple has not announces any information about when we can have our own iPhone 4 Malaysia. There are Malaysian people who start selling iPhone 4 Black colors for 16GB (RM 3399) and 32GB (RM 3899) in Malaysia and they even have iPhone 4 White colors which is same price with iPhone 4 Black.  I just don’t understand where they order the iPhone 4? May be from Singapore or Hong Kong since these countries are nearer to Malaysia?

Anyway, I did a simple currency rates convert from Singapore dollars to Malaysia Ringgit to find out the iPhone 4 prices in Malaysia. I use the online currency converter to find out the price of iPhone 4 in Malaysia Ringgit.

Assume that Singapore is near to Malaysia and the currency rates between Singapore and Malaysia are stable without much change. Then the iPhone 4 16 GB model costs about RM 2,100 and iPhone 4 32 GB model cost about RM 2,500. Please refer the screenshots below:

iPhone 4G 16GB Model

iphone4 price(16gb) malaysia

iPhone 4G 32GB Model

iphone4 price(32gb)malaysia


I think by getting the contract deal with existing local operators are the best choice instead of buying directly from Apple Online Store or through unofficial parties because in the end you have also to connect the iPhone 4 with one of them to receive the services.

  7 Responses to “iPhone 4 Price in Singapore | iPhone 4 Price in Malaysia”

  1. Good to know that it is already available in you country now. It is not yet available on my country so I have to wait before I could buy one.

  2. Is it possible that I go to Singapore online store and purchase iPhone on the spot with out contract

  3. @Arsalan: Yes, you can purchase from Apple Store (Singapore) without contract. But you must ship the iPhone within the Singapore.

  4. @win: Actually, you can buy iPhone4 16GB contract free for $888SGD through the Singapore online Apple Store. It’s unlocked and works internationally.

  5. i want to purchase i4p unlocked tell me the price

  6. @ravinder sigh bhatia: I’m sorry that I do not have the information about the price of unlocked iphone4.

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