Jul 042010

As you can see, iPhone 4 is very hot Apple selling item in the world. In the first 3 days of Apple iPhone 4 release, there are more than 1.7 million iphones were sold and the latest news is iPhone 4 has been sold out and if you are interested to buy a new iPhone 4, you have to wait for sometime for the new stock.

IPhone 4 for Malaysia
Buy IPhone 4 From Malaysia Apple Store

However, if you are Malaysia iPhone 4 fan and can’t wait to buy a new iPhone 4; just visit Malaysia Apple Store website and the good news is the iPhone 4 is available in 16GB and 32GB (black and white). I was wondering why iPhone 4 is available in Malaysia Apple Store because iPhone 4 has yet release in Malaysia but the Apple website still claiming the availability of iPhone4 in Malaysia. Don’t believe it? Just see the below screenshot or visit Malaysia Apple Store.

IPhone 4 Is Available In Malaysia
Now if you click Find a store link, the error message appeared “Hmmm, the page you’re looking for can’t be found“. That makes me quite disappointed but I believe Apple iPone 4 will be released very soon to all Malaysia iPhone 4 fans. IPhone 4G is the most successful product launch in Apple’s history according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

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  1. I don’t think Malaysia will get it so soon. It is selling like hot cake in US. :)

  2. @Jayce: I guess you are right because now the iPhone4 still running out of stock even for the people who pre-order it.

  3. how do i oder iphone 4g white..??email me please..

    • @alif: Apple just released a statement saying that the white iPhone 4 will not be available until the second half of July due to manufacturing problem. So, do check apple website regularly.

  4. I bought 2 units from Apple Store. Now letting go for RM3450 (sealed in box) with 1 year apple warranty, receipt, screen protector, and belkin case (worth RM130), can use with Maxis or any gsm operators in the world. First come first served. Call Nelson at 016-2222 091

  5. I got the iphone new, and my 1st impressions of the new iphone are totally positive. Apple has once again built a product that looks good and feels great in the hand, and the user interface is perfect. I have some problems with the connection if i hold it in a special way, but with the case it works for me correct… I LOVE IT!

  6. Just buy at Singapore apple online store and deliver to Singapore address will do. The waiting time is about 2 weeks now.


  7. Iphone 4 with free bumper ! (Only 16gb black available, Brand new)
    Price RM 2599
    cod available in Melaka and Kuala Lumpur
    Deposit = RM 300
    If u willing to pay in full first, can get iphone 4 with the lower price in Rm 2499.
    (it will make me easy with my cash flow problem, because when i purchase, i pay in full.)

    Interested please contact me : bpyap888@hotmail.com

  8. have question…
    if i’m in malaysia,can i buy from singapore apple store?

  9. @Kroviken: According to Apple Store, the orders placed through Singapore Apple Online Store can be shipped only within the country of purchase. If you have a friend in Singapore, you can place the order and deliver to Singapore address.

  10. Anyone still looking for iPhone 4?

    Condition: NEW, Original sealed box!
    Selling: RM2500
    Latest order accepted: 23 Dec 2010
    Delivery time: 1st-2nd Jan 2011
    Delivery mode: Pick up in Klang Valley area only.

    Note: iPhone 4 uses micro-Sim card. Therefore, you have to go to your mobile operator’s outlet to get the card for RM20

    Please email me: amatuer_player@yahoo.com

  11. anyone know iphone 4 (white color) in malaysia gt selling and the pricing ????

  12. I stayed in singapore for the past 2 days due to flight transit and during this short period, I bought myself a black apple iphone 4 16gb (Yay!) from a guy in singapore for only S$1100. Honestly, it’s considered pretty cheap compared to the price back in my country. About 2.5 hrs later, I saw him outside my hotel room with his hands holding the iphone 4 I ordered. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the price offered and the service received. So, if you’re interested to buy, I recommend you to visit: http://buyiphone4gsingapore.blogspot.com. Or call: (+65) 9173 1623.

  13. Want to buy iphone 4 16gb and 32gb at RM2,160 and RM2,550 then email at suresh_v3@hotmail.com the products are brand new,SIM free and 12months warranty.


  14. At first, I read a lot of bad comments about this phone, especially the so called “antenna problem” and the “low volume speaker”, I was hesitating of getting one.

  15. What are the prices right now for the iPhone 4 in malaysia?

  16. That is cheap! In Denmark the small 16GB cost about RM2700 :(

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