Jul 072010

iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4G are the fastest selling Apple gadgets in the history of Apple due to Apple fans supports. Especially iPhone 4 which has been sold out in the first few days of its released. Now still a lot of iPhone fans are awaited eagerly for the next shipment of iPhone 4. I’m not surprised that iPhone 4G will receive such a overwhelming success even more than it’s predecessor (iPhone 3G) because of the enhancement and new features add-ons to the iPhone4.

iPhone 4

Just to refresh your mind if you still remembered the Apple iPod which allow you to listen to songs and watch movies. Apple iPod is a device which able to play back photos, music, podcasts, movies and TV shows. In 2007, iPhone was named as the invention of the Year by Time magazine. Since its first release in January 2007, people have to wait for a few months in order to buy it. From the History, you can see that how famous of Apple iPhone in the heart of iPhone fans.

Why Buy iPhone and Reason to buy iPhone 4

1) iPhone is a Phone – iPhone is like your cellphone which can dial and answer calls. iPhone has voicemail, conference calling, SMS text messaging function and address book contacts as well.

2) iPhone is a iPod – iPhone is able to play role just like iPod. iPhone can play back photos, music, podcasts, movies and TV shows.

3) iPhone is an Internet browser – iPhone can get you to browse internet either using Wi-Fi hot spot connection or via AT&T cellular network. Therefore, although you don’t have PC or notebook but you still can check email, go to Youtube, Google and so on.

4) iPhone is a Platform – iPhone itself is a platform to support iPhone Apps. There are more than 100K apps are available in the iTunes App Store and thousands are added each week. These iPhone Apps are software tools to enhance your daily tasks and bring you more convenience in doing your works.

5) iPhone is a portable gadget – Although netbook is small and could be used in everywhere but the iPhone size is even smaller than netbook and more look like our normal cellphone. Therefore, when you have an iPhone, you have the PC/Notebook and can do most of the online things.

I’m interested with latest iPhone 4G now and will try to discover more its functionality and useful iPhone apps to be shared with everyone. If you are interested to buy iPhone 4, always check Malaysia Apple Store for the availability. So, Will you buy iPhone 4 once it’s release to Malaysia?

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  1. I’ve heard that iPhone five is coming out this summer. If so, I’m arranging to purchase it when I’m in USA (summer time), but can I acquire it in the unlock edition then? Despite the actuality that it had not too long ago arrive out and therefor there are no unlock edition right up until quite late. And if I can get it (unlock version), can I surf on the net exterior USA?

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