Mar 022011

I believe most of WordPress users know about the latest WordPress 3.1 and probably you have upgraded all your WordPress sites to the newest version. I just upgraded this site to the latest WordPress 3.1 and I would like to share my experience of using WordPress 3.1.

How to Upgrade to WordPress 3.1

If you have not upgrade to the latest WordPress 3.1, I believe you will see the yellow bar on top of your WordPress Dashboard as shown below; just click on Please update now and it will direct you to the upgrade page. As for me, I was using WordPress 3.0.1 before upgrade.

upgrade to wordpress 3.1

Alternatively, you can click on Updates menu at left Dashboard. Here you can choose to update Automatically or Download WordPress and update it manually. Before pressing the Update Automatically button, please backup your database and files to avoid unnecessary circumstances although most of the time the upgrade process are smooth. Once done backup, click the Update Automatically button and within a few seconds, your site will be upgraded to WordPress 3.1.

upgrade automatically to wordpress 3.1

What’s New About WordPress 3.1?

Internal Page Linking

This is the best feature that I loved the most in this WordPress 3.1. I still remembered that whenever I wrote the posts and wanted to link to my previous posts, I have to search for the posts by myself and copy-paste the URL link before inserting the link. Now, the newest Internal page linking function helps me to search my existing posts and link to my latest post by clicking Add Link button.

internal page linking wordpress 3.1

Other Improvements on WordPress 3.1

There are 2 significant enhancement on Admin Bar and post Formats. However, I don’t find them useful to me personally but it may be useful to you if you are using specified WordPress theme.

There were more than 180 people who contributed to enhance the WordPress 3.1. Over 2000 code commits in this newest WordPress version and more than 820 closed issues.


It’s time to upgrade older WordPress version to WordPress 3.1 if you want to have better WordPress experience and security.


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