Nov 092010

I believe this is the most anticipated event for all AirAsia fans and travelers from all countries. Now, imagine that you can fly to anywhere for Free with AirAsia latest promotion “Free Seats”. There are 20 countries and 130 destinations are available in this biggest AirAsia Free Seats promotion.

airasia free seats promotion

Booking Period and Travel Period

The lucky one million passengers will enjoy “Free Seats” during the promotion period. The booking period is starting today until 14 November 2010 and travel period is from 1 July – 10 November 2011.

Many people complaint that every time they are about to book the AirAsia tickets using online booking. They cannot find the promotion price even it’s during the booking period. Therefore, I purposely do an experiment by searching for “Free Seats” from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore on 9 August 2011. The search result shows that the AirAsia Promo price is 0.00 MYR and still available. Check out the below screen shot:

airasia zero fare

How to book AirAsia Free Seats Tickets?

Previously, we always booked the tickets using AirAsia Online Booking system. This time, the customers can book the tickets with either Blackberry or Android phones besides online booking.  I believe in the future, iPhone users will be able to book AirAsia tickets soon.

To use Blackberry or Android application, you need to download AirAsia applications which are available on Blackberry App World and Android Market. To continue Booking the AirAsia free tickets, please click AirAsia Online Booking website.

At the same time, AirAsia Go is offering hotel rooms from RM 1 for both domestic and international destinations. The booking period is starting today till 14 November 2010 and the staying period will be 1 July 2011 till 10 November 2011.

airasia go rooms promotion


If you are planning to go travel next year with minimal budget, AirAsia RM 0 Fares should be your first choice and believe me; this is the first and may be the last Free Seats promotion this year. Therefore, grab the opportunities to fly and realize your dreams with AirAsia. That’s true because Now, Everyone Can Fly With AirAsia.

  2 Responses to “Hurry Up For AirAsia Zero Fare Promotion | Free Airasia Seats”

  1. i am waiting for this year 0 fare.thank you

  2. I always can’t see the zero fair promotion

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