Jan 112011

Besides Google Search Engine, I spend quite a lot of time on Gmail to read emails, reply emails and of course writing emails to other friends. Sometimes, when I need to find some information from Internet, I have to switch from Email tab to Search Engine tab and occasionally I forgot what I want to find because of switching tabs.

Gmail Labs – Google Search inside your Gmail account

google labs

Gmail Labs is a testing ground for experimental features that still in beta version and the features may be changed, break or disappear at any time. I love Gmail Labs because it offers some useful experimental stuff. Today I just discovered that we can search Google and display its results inside my Gmail and this is really useful and convenient to me as I need to Googling while writing an email.

How to Enable Google Search in Your Gmail

Well, this is not the default setting for normal Gmail. Therefore, you need to Enable the feature first before using it. Here are the simple steps to enable it:

1)      Login to your Gmail account. Look at your top right side besides your email address, there is a Gmail Labs symbol and Settings link. You can either click on the Gmail Labs symbol or Settings link to continue.

2)      If you click Gmail Labs symbol, you will be directed to Gmail Labs settings and if you click on Settings link, you need to point to Labs tab as shown below:

gmail labs_google search results inside gmail

3)      There is plenty of Gmail labs experimental stuff in the list but I will touch on Google Search feature created by Adam and Drew. By default, the feature is disabling, therefore you need to Enable it and click Save Changes.

4)      Now look at your left sidebar and you will notice there’s a Google web search bar. Type something on it and hit enter. A small Google Search result will pop-up as shown below.

google web search inside gmail


I love this useful Google Search results display inside the Gmail as it saves lots of my time in finding relevant information and I can perform writing email faster than ever.

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