Aug 252010

For common Internet users, the basic way to search information is through Search Engine. There are lots of Search Engines online but the biggest one is Google Search. Do you know how to use Google Search? I know you must be thinking I am insane to ask such a silly question because even a small kid also knows how to use Google to search result.

There are some Google special features which I think might be a great help to improve your search experience.

1)      Google Calculator – Long time ago, I always use Windows built-in Calculator to calculate basic math until I know that Google Search Engine can easily calculate basic or complex mathematical functions. Just enter the expression in Google Search box and press Enter button or Search button. Within a second, you will see the result as below:

 Calculate Basic Math using Google Calculator

 google calculator basic math

 Calculate Advance Math using Google Calculator

 google calculator advance math

 2)      Google Weather – If you are travelling to other countries cities around the world, you must be aware of the local weather to plan your daily trip. Google Weather allows you to simply type “weather”, followed by the city and state to know the current weather situation, wind, humidity and Celsius. It will predict the 4 days weather in advance. Please see example below:

 google weather 

3)      Google Time – when you are traveling at other countries, you need adjust yourself to accommodate with local time of the city. You might also need to adjust your watch to show local time as well. Using Google search box, type in “time” and the name of the city. For example:

 google time


Google Search Engine is not merely a Search Engine but also an Answer Search Engine. I believe there are some more extra Google functionalities that I missed and if you know some of them, please let us know too.

  2 Responses to “How to Use Google Search | Google Calculator | Google Weather”

  1. I wonder why Google never promotes such hidden gems, thanks for sharing these handy tricks

    • @Joe: Thanks for the comment. I guess Google too busy with other “Bigger Projects” like Google Voice & Google Earth…no time to promote these small tricks….:)

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