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DiGi Facebook SMS service allows you to stay connected with Facebook all the time by sending and receiving updates, as well as perform various activities via SMS. All DiGi subscribers are eligible to the service via SMS or via WAP. When you subscribe to Mobile Updates service, you can send status updates, add friends, get info, and subscribe to friend’s status updates via the short code 2325 via SMS. Bear in mind that each mobile updates via SMS will be charged 10 sen.

digi facebook sms

DiGi subscribers who wish to receive unlimited Facebook alert messages may subscribe DiGi Facebook Mobile Alerts service with the price of 30 sen per day or RM 1 per week. Text FB to 2325 to subscribe DiGi Facebook SMS daily package or FB7 to 2325 for weekly package. The subscription will be auto-renewed and you will receive SMS notifications prior to the renewals.

For your info, DiGi Facebook SMS services does not support Chinese characters and the character limit when posting a status update is 160 characters. Below table will show you all the SMS commands and its description for you to get familiar with DiGi Facebook SMS at once. Enjoy!

Keywords /commands(send to 2325) Description
FB To subscribe to the daily DiGi Facebook SMS service.
FB7 To subscribe to the weekly DiGi Facebook SMS service.
<message> To update/post a new status onto Facebook.
Chinese characters are currently not supported
ADD<space><username> To add a new user to your Facebook Friends List.
You will not receive SMS alerts from this new user at this stage. You will only see his/her update on WEB
SUB<space><username> To receive SMS alerts from a particular user.
CELL<space><username> To get a friend’s mobile number.
You will only receive your friend’s mobile number if he/she shares it on Facebook.
EVENT To view events on your Facebook calendar.
INFO<space><username> To view a user’s profile information.
MSG<space><username><space><message> To send a personal message to a particular user.
This message will be sent to the user’s Inbox.
POKE<space><username> To poke a particular user.
WALL<space><username><space><message> To write a Wall Post on a particular user’s Wall.
PHOTO To get a personal upload address.
You may upload a photo/video by sending an MMS to the personal upload address assigned to you.
SEARCH<space><username> To search for a user on Facebook.
HELP To receive help on how to use DiGi Facebook SMS.
TIPS To receive command guide for DiGi Facebook SMS
STOP To stop your daily DiGi Facebook SMS subscription. You will still be able to use the service (send commands and/or receive alerts) until the end of the subscription date.
STOP FB7 To stop your weekly DiGi Facebook SMS subscription. You will still be able to use the service (send commands and/or receive alerts) until the end of the subscription date.
OFF To terminate the DiGi Facebook SMS service immediately. You will not be able to send commands and/or receive alerts at all.

For more info on DiGi Facebook SMS Service, click here.

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