Jan 042011

Sometimes I was annoyed by the error message telling me that the file is being used by application and cannot be deleted. Please close the application and try again. I really hate it especially when I had closed all the applications and still unable to delete the files.

cannot delete file is in use

There is a solution to help you unlock these stubborn files that impossible to be deleted in the first place. This free handy tool is called Unlocker and the size is less than 1MB. Once you have installed Unlocker, simply right-click any folder or file that has been locked and unable to remove, select Unlocker to unlock them all.


When you should use Unlocker?

1)      Cannot delete folders because used by other person or program

2)      Cannot delete file due to access denied

3)      Sharing violation

4)      The file is in use now

unlocker assistant

Start Unlocker Assistant option to allow you to kill process, unlock or unlock all files. Unlocker Assistant will display the list of programs that used by the file you want to modify. In addition, Unlocker Assistant also provides options for you to delete, rename, move or copy file.

unlock file with unlocker


Unlocker is an easy to use freeware which performs well to unlock locked documents. Unlocker is a freeware and suitable for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7. Unlocker can be downloaded from:

Download Unlocker

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