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You started a blog and been working really hard to make it real great. After all the hardwork, you think you’re finally ready for the crowd’s attention. However, no matter how long you kept on posting, and waiting, and posting, there just seems to be no one coming into your blog. Fear not my friend, we’re here today to give you tips on how to increase traffic into your blog.

1. Come up with clever topics


Personally, I think that this is absolutely the first thing every blogger should do — to think of a blog theme and make your contents cohesive, fun, and informational. You have to be sure what kind of topics you want to post in your blog. Choose topics that will make people interested and make them keep coming back for more.

Consider you blog’s theme when coming up with topics. For example, if you designed it for funny things online, then keep the posts light, entertaining and cool. On the other hand, if you made your blog for the purpose of sharing informational tips to others, then always provide useful information with excellent quality in your blog posts.

2. Provide timeless content

Instead of going for topics that are only relevant for a short period of time, why not create contents that people will still find interesting despite years of being published online? Topics such as the makeup transformation craze, or belly-button challenge are more likely to create traffic for a brief period of time, if any.

We’re not saying you can’t write about these short-lived topics though. What we’re trying to point out here is that writing about short-lived topics will also only generate short-lived traffic.

3. Ask for shares


I know you always see these icons when you visit other people’s blogs. Well, that’s because it can be very useful in advertising your blog.

When readers liked your post, oftentimes they try to locate the share or tweet icons so they can let their social friends see what they just read. I know because I also do that, and it’s very frustrating when the article can’t be directly shared and the only thing to do so is to copy the link and paste it to you Facebook post or Tweet. That can turn people off from sharing your content because that’s too “effortful”. So to make things easier for your readers, add those little icons and watch your post get shared by different people.

4. Be mobile-friendly


Today, almost everyone has a smartphone. We use it for everything, may it be texting, taking photos, sharing stories, and surfing the web. Most of the people I know spend around 4 hours a day just scrolling down their phones and reading posts from other people. The blogger’s targets are now on mobile phones and not on desktops or laptops. What should you do? Simple. Make your blog mobile-friendly!

If you’re in WordPress, just check this plugin out: It will make a version of your blog that is perfect for mobile browsing.

5. Humility goes a long way



People notice it when the blogger becomes too full of himself and they’ll start losing interest. When that happens, you’ll go back to zero.

You know why big blogs are so successful? It’s because they don’t seem to care about the attention they’re getting at all. They continue on providing cool posts like before and they never cease on putting the readers’ interest first. They are popular because their popularity is one of their least concerns. Of course every blogger aspires to be known in the internet, but when that happens, it’s tiime to be more down-to-earth and be more aware of your audience’s interests rather than yourself.


Traffic is probably the most important thing for a blog to succeed. If you follow these five simple steps, you’ll surely rake in traffic to your blog faster than you can say “Go!”.


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