Oct 072009

Do You Delete Internet History in Internet Explorer?

Do you know that everytime when you open a browser (internet explorer or Firefox) to view a web page, read email or purchasing something online, doing online bank transaction. All these information is stored in your computer. This area is called Temporary Internet Files or cache. The web pages may store little bits of information which we called cookies on your computer.

A cookie is a computer text file sent to a visitor’s Web browser (the software used to access the Internet such as Internet Explorer and Netscape) by a Web server (the computer that hosts the Web site) in order to remember certain pieces of information. This can be a convenience for both Web site visitors and operators because it can be used to reduce the amount of time to input and process the same information each time a Web site is used. In short, it speed up your computer performance.

Actually there’s not much worry about these cookies as it helps you to launch websites that visited by you before more faster. However, if you sell off your computer to someone or other friends use your computer to browse websites. Then I guess you don’t want everyone to know what files or what web pages you are opening or running on your computer. Therefore, you need to delete these files(temporary files and cookies)

How Can I Delete Internet History in Internet Explorer?

For Internet Explorer users, you can follow these directions to clear out temporary files and delete cookies.

1) Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools –>Internet Options–> On the General Tab, in the middle of the screen, click on Delete Files –> check the box “Delete all offline content” –> Click on OK and wait for the hour glass icon to stop after it deletes the temporary internet files. You can now click on Delete Cookies and click OK to delete cookies that websites have placed on your hard drive.

To clear the Internet History in IE:

1) Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools
2) Click on Internet Options
3) On the General Tab, in the middle of the screen, click on Clear History
4) Click OK

Free Internet History Software For You.

If you are lazy to delete the internet temporary files and cookies by manually. Now you can download Free Internet Eraser Version 3.0 to delete internet history. Even it is free software, it still working like pro. Below you can see the main features of Free Internet Eraser.


– Delete internet explorer cache files, browser history, cookies, address bar history, recent documents history, recycle bin, temporary files directory and much more…

– Delete Windows Recent Documents History, Windows Open/Save History, Windows Registry Streams, Windows Clipboard, Recycle Bin…

– Extra info for you, free internet eraser is working only for Internet Explorer users and not for Firefox users. You can get more features if you upgrade to professional edition – Privacy Eraser Pro 8.0 which costs you $29.95. It’s not only support Internet explorer 8 but also support Firefox 3.5.3, Google Chrome3.0, Opera 10 and compatible with Windows 7.

Personally I’m using Free Internet Eraser everyday and I’m happy to say that this free software is really convenience to me as I just click one button and just sit there relax or doing other thing. So, give it a try and here’s the link to download Free Internet Eraser.

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  1. This is a great tool if you are in a hurry.
    .-= Diabetis´s last blog ..Apothecary Diabetic ID Bracelet =-.

  2. @Diabetis: Yes, it’s a small handy free tool to clear history of internet explorer and I’ve been using it since few years ago. :)

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