Oct 052010

Password is a very common term for many people and I trust that you know what is Password. We used password to access our Facebook account, Internet banking account, email account and other membership websites.

create strong password

A strong password or unique password will keep your accounts safe from hackers. However, you still need to change the password periodically to make it harder to guess the password. Well, if your password combinations are strong and hard to guess; then you might not need to change the email password so frequently.

How to create strong password combinations?

1)      Do not choose dictionary word or easy characters like abc.

2)      A longer password is harder to guess (at least 8 characters long)

3)      Ensure your password include the below features:

  • Some uppercase letters (A-Z)
  • Some lowercase letters (a-z)
  • Some number (0-9)
  • Some symbols (@, %, #)

4)      Do not put your password same as your user name (display name)

5)      Do not repeat any password you have used before.

6)      An example of strong password is ‘OB@12jc#


A unique password will help to prevent other people (hackers) to break into your account easily and thus protect your account confidentiality. Prevention is better than cure.

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