Nov 182010

Do you wish to create your own free calendar 2011? I had introduced Photo Funny Free Calendar in the previous post and this time I would like to guide you how to create free calendar 2011 using PhotoFunia.

Photo Funia Calendar creator is one of the creative effects to enable you to create own Free Calendar. You can choose to create Calendar 2010 or Calendar 2011 either by month or by year. The image formats that you can use are JPEG, GIF and PNG that must not exceed 10MB.

photofunia 2011 calendar

How To Create PhotoFunia Free Calendar 2011?

1)      Now go to Photo Funia Calendar Effect page.

2)      Select the year 2010 or 2011 and choose to build Calendar by month or by year.

3)      Choose your image by clicking Choose File and Browse for the image.

4)      Click Go button to create Free Calendar.

5)      You can choose to save the calendar in 2 sizes. If you are going to print out the calendar, then choose Large link for best quality. Otherwise, choose Regular link for normal use in website or email. You can always share the free calendar to your friends via Facebook, Twitter or send as postcard.

save photofunia image

Download Free Printable 2011 Calendar

Below are sample of Free Calendar 2011 that created with Photo Funia Calendar effect and if you like them, you can download all the High Definition Calendar here for printing purpose and put on the wall.

Year 2011 Calendar

PhotoFunia-2011 year calendar

January 2011 Calendar

PhotoFunia-January 2011 calendar

February 2011 Calendar

PhotoFunia-february 2011 calendar

March 2011 Calendar

PhotoFunia-march 2011 calendar

April 2011 Calendar

PhotoFunia-april 2011 calendar

May 2011 Calendar

PhotoFunia-may 2011 calendar

June 2011 Calendar

PhotoFunia-june 2011 calendar

July 2011 Calendar

PhotoFunia-july 2011 calendar

August 2011 Calendar

PhotoFunia-august 2011 calendar

September 2011 Calendar

PhotoFunia-september 2011 calendar

October 2011 Calendar

PhotoFunia-october 2011 calendar

November 2011 Calendar

PhotoFunia-november 2011 calendar

December 2011 Calendar

PhotoFunia-december 2011 calendar

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